Why Lasting Change Must Come From Within

AkkenCloud’s best practices for change management. Embracing change will set yourselves apart from the pack and ensure you have the best chance of survival.

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Leading organizational transformations

The leader’s role is to turn separate initiatives into a balanced, integrated program of change. A McKinsey Quarterly article.

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A New Change Management Model for Increased Engagement

Research asserts that roughly 30% of change programs are successful and that change management strategies need an overhaul. Most change management programs initiated by leaders in organizations fail because they are designed as an outside-in process, rather than an inside-out process which focuses on change… Read more…

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Six Steps To Adapt To The Future Of Work

When I was writing my book, The Future of Work, I created a framework for adapting to coming changes that I call “The Six-Step Process for Adapting to the Future of Work.” (It was inspired in part by John Kotter’s well known “8-Step Process for Leading Change.”) I will be […]

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Offering role clarity in change management?

Role clarity is so important. Earlier this month an article appeared in Forbes magazine provocatively titled “Don’t be a change agent, and don’t hire one”, by Liz Ryan. I wrote about it at the time on LinkedIn, and one of …

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Gamification and change management

How does gamification fit in with adoption, transformational journeys and change management in organizations?

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SailSafe: A SEA Change for the Better

BC Ferries has improved its safety record, operational practices – and at the same time, its bottom line.

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Transformation: manage it right

Carol Smith, Shirley Dalziel and Judith Strange provide their insight on how to make your transformation project a success

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The History and Future of Change Management

Learn how change management has emerged, evolved and grown from foundational understandings to a recognized discipline.

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Self-inflicted barriers to change

The barriers to change a manifold. Don’t fall into the trap of creating these self-inflicted barriers to change.

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